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WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal Magazine Web CMS Software

Many of the magazine publisher CMS (content management systems) we select today are based on open source publisher web cms software. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal open source magazine CMS software solutions have reached a level of publishing industry adoption that it’s not hard to find one of these platfoms in every magazine niche. While open source web content management systems contain “no cost” for the CMS software itself, it’s important to understand that there are still costs associated with the planning, design, development, and deployment of OS powered magazine websites. Open source solutions must also be managed, hosted and maintained.

These magazine publisher CMS solutions have many magazine publisher specific configurations capabilities for optimized publisher periodic content presentation and readership interaction capabilities.

WordPress Magazine CMS

Wordpress Magazine CMS

WordPress as a Magazine CMS – Using wordpress for a magazine website provides a low cost and quick setup option. The design can visually rival any modern magazine website but has much fewer customizations and capabilities for meeting typical web based magazine revenue objectives.

Joomla Magazine CMS

Joomla Magazine CMS

Joomla as a Magazine CMS – Joomla magazine websites are a comfortable medium between the simplicity of WordPress and the extreme capabilities available in the Drupal based magazine CMS. Joomla is excellent for publishers with multiple staff members who will interact with the publication website content and can handle most of the readership and advertising functions required to balance out the publisher emedia offerings.

Drupal Magazine CMS

Drupal Magazine CMS

Drupal as a Magazine CMS – Drupal is the most popular magazine CMS for the $20,000+ budgeted magazine re-design and development project. The custom capabilities allow for complete control of the block elements of each page and magazine content category. Technical functionality items are no longer limitations in the Drupal magazine CMS solution.

June 2010 Chart: Overall Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and TYPO3 Trend by Google Trends.

Updated Jan 2011 Chart: Overall Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and TYPO3 Trend by Google Trends.

Drupal WordPress Joomla Typo3 CMS trendUpdated Aug 2011 Chart: Overall Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and TYPO3 Trend by Google Trends.

Updated March 2012 Chart: Overall Drupal Vs. WordPress Vs. Joomla vs TYPO3 Trend by Google Trends.

Note on 2012 WordPress CMS trend line: The rise of WordPress outperforms it’s comparison in a Drupal vs. WordPress or Joomla vs. WordPress comparison because its also become such a solid platform for regular website design projects and bloggers.

While OS magazine CMS software is trending up, many large publishers still seek commercial magazine website solutions based on more advanced publishing workflows and scalability needs. Commercial web CMS magazine solutions provide necessary integration capabilities and flexibility to meet the specific magazine publishing circulation, commerce, and editorial content workflows. Here are some magazine publishing CMS solutions:

Powerful, yet simple-to-use web 2.0-enabled tools manage the creation, publishing and optimization of content, data and eCommerce. A hosted solution, it is the power behind many industry-leading publishers. source

Oxcyon’s Centralpoint’s unique CMS Lifecycle Management Solutions provide Publishers with a comprehensive approach to building new subscribers, fulfillment, digital rights, and lead tracking managing the complete information value chain from collaborative creation of content, to management, and to personalized targeted delivery. source

Crown Peak
CrownPeak’s Web site management solutions allow the publisher to quickly establish the publishing platform they need, without buying the infrastructure that gets in the way of a successful business. source

Nstein supports some of the largest media organizations from content creation right through to delivery and distribution, operating under the philosophy that for content to have value, it must be connected with people. source:

Clickability’s Platform-as-a-Service gives publishers of all sizes the tools they need to flourish online, without becoming IT professionals. Most users can master the platform in a day or two. Most companies quickly see a 100% increase in site traffic, hand in hand with a 50%-90% reduction in Web publishing costs. source

Commercial publishing solutions and general publishing solution providers are also focusing on Saas (Software as a service) or Cloud (operations that take place within the network infrastructure) based solutions to help lower adoption and overall maintenance costs.

As magazine publishing CMS consultants, we evaluate the publisher’s overall web and digital magazine requirements to insure the proper magazine tool is utilized. Taking the time to define the critical emedia elements to be facilitate your publication website will insure ad sales, editorial, and production publishing objectives are achieved.

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